EMMES Realty Services of California LLC Announces CPC Strategy Expanding into Three Full Floors at Downtown High-Rise 707 Broadway

Innovative Companies Continue to Expand Their Urban Footprint
SAN DIEGO, CA–(Marketwired – October 04, 2017) – As downtown San Diego is becoming synonymous with innovation and entrepreneurship, creative companies continue to expand their urban footprint. One of them is digital marketing and retail solutions firm CPC Strategy, which recently signed a lease to expand onto another full floor at 707 Broadway. CPC Strategy will now occupy three full floors of the high-rise, with a total of 27,445 rentable square feet.”Working downtown has been a huge asset to both our culture and our recruiting initiatives. From a culture perspective, the downtown area offers a variety of offsite team-building options in walking distance,” said Brianne Kennedy, human resources director at CPC Strategy. “Teams can go see a movie at Horton Plaza, catch a game at Petco Park, or easily coordinate a group lunch or happy hour. It’s also close to public transportation, which has been huge when we have team builds like our Day at the Races up in Del Mar. From a talent acquisition perspective, it has greatly contributed to the success of our recruitment marketing and has proved to simplify the interview process for candidates who are considering relocation to San Diego.”CPC, which relocated from Mission Valley to downtown in 2016, currently has 112 employees and plans to add 60 new office seats with the additional floor. About 25% of the company’s staff lives in or around downtown and many employees stay downtown after work to enjoy the different activities and restaurants in the area. CPC employees also frequently take advantage of the 707 gym and the local discounts offered through the EMMES Advantage Program.

Home to many creative companies, the 18-story 707 office building is known as the workplace of the future, with many millennial-attracting amenities, such as a basement game room and fitness center, a “bark park,” a ground floor with an upgraded patio and lobby, a trendy sandwich shop, 30 electric vehicle charging stations, bike storage space in the garage, healthy vending, upgraded conference room, and techno-art murals.

“We are delighted that companies such as CPC are making downtown their home,” said Mark Kuske, EMMES asset manager. “We hope to continue to attract and foster a creative workforce at 707, as well as our other downtown buildings in an effort to fuel the innovation economy.”


EMMES Realty Services of California LLC is a member of The EMMES Group of Companies. Founded in 1992, with offices in New York and California, The EMMES Group of Companies and its affiliates are engaged in principal real estate investments, funds management and real estate services. The downtown San Diego EMMES portfolio is comprised of four high-rise office properties: 1 Columbia Place, 2 Columbia Place, 701 B Street, and 707 Broadway, along with a large parking and retail facility, which was recently rebranded to 6th & A Parking. For more information, visit www.emmesco.com .

EMMES Realty Services Signs Multiple Floor Lease for Growing Video Game Developer Psyonix

1 Columbia Place — Downtown San Diego’s Innovation Hub Attracting High-Tech Firms

SAN DIEGO, CAEMMES Realty Services of California LLC announced a multiple floor lease today with a high-tech tenant who will be relocating and expanding to its 1 Columbia Place property in downtown San Diego.

The tenant, highly respected video game development studio Psyonix, will be expanding within the downtown EMMES portfolio from a 9,000 square-foot office space at 707 Broadway to a 40,000 square-foot office at 1 Columbia Place. Psyonix, which was represented by Jordan Williams of Strom Commercial for its new lease, will occupy two contiguous floors in the high-rise section of the 27-story building. Psyonix’s expansion highlights both the flexibility within the downtown EMMES portfolio to accommodate significant tenant growth and downtown San Diego’s continued attractiveness to growing, innovative companies, which are capitalizing on the area’s rich amenity base and deep talent pool.

“We are thrilled for Psyonix’s success and for its continued growth within the downtown EMMES portfolio,” said Jordan Johnson, vice president of EMMES Realty Services of California LLC. “Downtown San Diego has arrived as a dynamic hub for innovation-oriented companies and EMMES is working hard to design, upgrade and improve our buildings to fit today’s innovation companies’ cultures and needs.”

Johnson added that this includes superior technology infrastructure such as enhanced Wi-Fi coupled with a Building-Wide Fiber Optic Network, as well as amenities such as expansive terraces with hotel-style lounge seating, in-building retail shops and restaurants, banking, multiple state-of-the-art building conference/meeting rooms, an indoor cycling studio, secure tenant bike storage, as well as shower and locker facilities.

Psyonix — best known for the commercial success of its video game, Rocket League®, which has sold more than 8 million copies to date — relocated from North Carolina to San Diego in 2009 and has grown exponentially ever since.

“We have experienced tremendous growth since the launch of Rocket League® in July of 2015. The game’s huge success with more than 22 million players is a big reason why we’re moving into the new office space,” said Dave Hagewood, Psyonix founder, CEO and studio director. “We needed a fantastic modern location like 1 Columbia Place that could better accommodate our increasing team size and loftier goals.”

Hagewood added that the game studio’s prime location downtown will also attract more creative talent to Psyonix.

“The spectacular views, proximity to quality restaurants, and beautiful architecture at 1 Columbia Place are all amazing values for us,” Hagewood said. “San Diego is also an excellent alternative to other large cities in general because of its close proximity to great beaches and family entertainment. There’s definitely a beach vibe all over town, which is perfect for our company culture and mindset.”


EMMES Realty Services of California LLC is a member of The EMMES Group of Companies. Founded in 1992, with offices in New York and California, The EMMES Group of Companies and its affiliates are engaged in principal real estate investments, funds management and real estate services. The downtown San Diego EMMES portfolio is comprised of four high-rise office properties: 1 Columbia Place, 2 Columbia Place, 701 B Street, and 707 Broadway, along with a large parking and retail facility, which was recently rebranded to 6th & A Parking. For more information, visit www.emmesco.com.

About Psyonix

Based in San Diego, CA, Psyonix is a critically-acclaimed independent video game developer and leading expert in Unreal Engine technology. For more than a decade, the studio has been a driving force behind some of the most successful games in the industry, including Gears of War, Mass Effect 3, XCOM: Enemy Unknown, Bulletstorm, Unreal Tournament III, Unreal Tournament 2004, and the award-winning Sports-Action hit, Rocket League®. For more information, visit www.psyonix.com.

Benefunder Joins White House Clean Energy Investment Summit

Industry Leaders Gather to Discuss Ways to Boost Clean Energy Innovation

June 16, 2015 — Responding to the President’s call to action to expand private sector investment in solutions to climate change, Benefunder is announcing its participation in the White House Clean Energy Investment Summit today.

The Summit brings together foundations and mission-driven institutional investors to discuss ways to boost clean energy innovation.  As part of the summit, the White House is announcing $4 billion in commitments by major foundations, institutional investors, and other long-term investors to fund climate change solutions, including innovative technologies with breakthrough potential to reduce carbon pollution. Additionally, the White House will announce a series of new executive actions to encourage private-sector investments in clean energy innovation.

Benefunder, a foundation that connects philanthropists with top research causes across the country, has a wide range of leading clean energy innovators and labs on its platform, including those at Duke University, Cornell, The University of Texas at Austin, Rice University, UC San Diego, and Georgia Tech. These researchers and labs are working on breakthroughs in power production, storage and delivery, as well as climate change and policy.

“These nationally recognized innovators are on the cusp of breakthrough discoveries that will greatly impact our world,” said Benefunder cofounder and CEO Christian Braemer, who joins other industry leaders at the Clean Energy Investment Summit. “By funding such cutting-edge research, philanthropists have a powerful opportunity to not only maximize their giving impact, but to also strengthen our nation’s clean energy initiatives, create jobs and a cleaner and safer environment for future generations.”

The Summit is part of the White House Clean Energy Investment Initiative announced early this year to expand private-sector investment to investigate and implement solutions to climate change. As part of the initiative, the Department of Energy (DOE) will help catalyze philanthropic activity by leading an effort to identify opportunities to leverage its world-class technical expertise, technologies, and programs to assist in understanding the opportunities and needs to transition to a clean energy economy.

The Initiative’s goal is to help clean energy investors reduce transaction costs, spread promising investment models, and increase their climate mitigation impact.

According to the White House, mission-driven investors – such as foundations, university endowments, and institutional investors – can play a catalytic role in accelerating the transition to a low-carbon economy.  Philanthropists can also help fund clean energy innovation at the earliest stages, where bold new ideas are emerging from our labs, universities, and startups, while investors can scale up the most promising of these innovations.

“Benefunder is excited and honored to participate in this important summit, which aligns with our mission to help close the nation’s innovation deficit,” Braemer said.

The Summit will be live streamed at wh.gov/live and will feature remarks from leaders in the private and philanthropic sectors.

For more information about the White House Clean Energy Investment Summit, click here.



Former California Democratic State Senator Gloria Romero Tells How Unions Wield Power in Sacramento in the latest article within “Fixing California” Series.


San Diego, CA, August 12, 2013 – In an effort to help revive California’s ailing condition, the U-T San Diego Editorial Board, in partnership with the Franklin Center for Government and Public Integrity, has launched a collaborative project of weekly editorials and independent commentaries about the many problems tarnishing the Golden State.

The main goal of the bipartisan project, called Fixing California, is to offer insights into the issues that continue to plague the state and to ignite a dialogue on how to repair these problems – from city and state financial crises to school reform, neglected infrastructure, a challenging business climate, and environmental policies. The series of articles and commentaries are based on in-depth research and lengthy interviews with key Democrats and Republicans, including Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom; Treasurer Bill Lockyer; Controller John Chiang; Senate President Darrell Steinberg; former Gov. Pete Wilson; Assembly Republican leader Connie Conway; California Republican Party chairman and former legislator Jim Brulte; Sen. Mark Wyland, the dean of the San Diego County delegation in Sacramento; and others in and out of state government. The series will conclude with recommendations for the best path forward for California.

“While California is the ninth-largest economy in the world and leads the nation in innovation, venture capital investment, and industrial production, it is home to some of the country’s most challenging financial setbacks,” said Jeff Light, U-T San Diego Editor. “It’s time for us as a collective to take the necessary steps in creating and implementing long-term solutions.”

The U-T San Diego’s impressive lineup of commentaries includes:

• San Jose Mayor Chuck Reed and Jeff Adachi, the elected public defender of San Francisco, on the unfunded pension liabilities that are destroying public services.

• Former San Diego City Council member Carl DeMaio on the proper size of government.

• Former Gov. Gray Davis on how the Democrats became beholden to the special interests of the Left, and former Gov. Pete Wilson on how the Republican Party lost its way in California.

• Education reformer and former Washington, D.C. schools Chancellor Michelle Rhee on California schools and obstacles to reform.

• Orange County Supervisor John Moorlach on the financial troubles of California cities.

• Rancho Santa Fe businessman Gerald Parsky, a veteran of numerous bipartisan state commissions, on the California business climate.

• Noted economist Arthur Laffer on California’s tax structure.

• Chapman University professor Joel Kotkin on California’s environmental policy.

The most recent commentary by former state Sen. Gloria Romero examines how powerful special interest public sector unions took control of government and what it will take for Californians to wrestle back control.  According to Romero, “Money flows to those who control the levers of power, and in California that means Democrats who have long been allied with, and funded by, public-sector unions.  There is no aspect of state government operations or public policy that is untouched by the power of public-sector unions and their allies in Sacramento. The power is omnipresent: from enacting legislation, to writing a state budget, to confirming state board and commission appointees, labor’s presence is omnipresent. It also includes ghostwriting eleventh-hour legislative changes to push ballot qualified citizen initiatives to a more obscure ballot position so that their backed initiatives will be seen by voters first. Their influence extends beyond the Legislature, and includes overdue clout with how California’s legal counsel writes ballot summaries and titles.”   The article, published in the special section of the U-T San Diego Sunday paper on Aug. 11, 2013,  (“Fixing California”) will also be the topic of discussion on U-T TV with Roger Hedgecock on Monday, Aug. 12, 2013 at 11 a.m. and 6 p.m.

“It’s important for us to push this critical information out to the public via a comprehensive, integrated platform that allows people various ways to stay informed, whether it be on their smart phones, iPad, tablets, computer or in the newspaper delivered to their doorstep,” said John Lynch, CEO of the U-T San Diego.  “Our job as an integrated media company is to not only inform the masses about current events and issues, but to also dig deep into our communities to ignite understanding and change,” Lynch added. “This series of articles is an example of the U-T San Diego’s commitment to responsible journalism and to working toward solutions that will make California the Golden State again.”

For more information please visit http://www.fixingcal.com/.

About U-T San Diego

The 144-year-old San Diego Union-Tribune, LLC, owned by MLIM, LLC, is San Diego’s leading media company and its most comprehensive source of news and information. Each week, U-T San Diego products reach more than 96 percent of all San Diego County households through the combined strength of its integrated media portfolio: the Pulitzer Prize-winning newspaper, U-T San Diego; the web site, UTSanDiego,com; the Night + Day weekly entertainment guide; Spanish-language products, Enlace and Vida Latina; an all-day local television station, U-T TV, and additional home-delivered products.


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